Monday, 16 April 2012

Dance starts at the point of our toes and ends at the end of our fingers.

Have you ever looked at a performance where a dancer moves her belly smoothly, smiling in her beautiful dress and then... arghhh! your eyes fixes at her contracted shoulders and you can appreciate her dancing no more? 
Thightened arms and especially shoulders are synonimous to " Help me! I'm not really at ease! I have not funny being here dancing in front of you! " . 

I often wonder why the big part of Bellydancers and, more likely, Tribal Fusion or ATS dancers, pay so little attention on they shoulders/arms positions and movements. 

In my experience lots of dancers can do proper belly moves but not all of them can dance with their upper body too. This is really a pity for such an expressive art. 
To me hands and arms are a favoured expressive emotional vehicle and when we dance we must dance with the whole body not just showing off some moves.I think that we should always try to convoy from us to the public a sentiment, it could be just the simple pleasure and joy of dancing but, even if is a "little" and simple emotion, if it's held with force and meant by the whole attitude of our body it reaches our public and drag it deep into the same feeling. For this reason we can't dance only with our belly but also with our upper body and our face!

Hope I made my point!

I end my post with this video by Kasia, this is how she workout her arms. Inspiring!


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